Status-Ify is a facebook status changer application in website form. Complete with facebook Login, and the ability to pull your statuses from your facebook account and convert them to Funny and Entertaining "Ified" statuses or write a brand new status from scratch with the same features.


WhoSaidIt? is another facebook integrated website in the form of a fun little game. The application will pull a random status from your friends and ask you to guess Who Said It? Your guess percentage is tallied and the correct person and their profile picture is shown to you. You can also click to view the actual status on facebook, just in case you wanted to go comment on it.

South Shore Gun Safety - Course Registration System

South Shore Gun Safety teaches gun safety courses and needed a website with the ability to create a class and allow their visitors to signup and pay for that classfrom the website. This was done with Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Paypal.


CUcontent had an existing website that needed to be updated with some new graphics and a more seamless login and registration setup.A visualy enticing landing page was created by my partner and I completed it with lightbox popups for login and videos and integrated with the existing website that was also tweaked to match the new theme.

South Shore Gun - SpamFree Contact form

Another custom addition to South Shore Gun Safety was a spam free contact form without the need for annoying captcha codes or math quizes to send an email. Simple design along with a custom created Google Map locator and Social Feeds were created and implemented for their websites contact area.

Dickson Orthopedics

Dickson Orthopedics needed their existing website updated with a SpamFree Contact form, Matching Social Icons, and a Frequently Asked Questions area with elegant sliding text.

The Place Boston & NiteLifeNetwork
(no longer online)

The Place Boston needed a new website for their bar, as well as a Social Network created from their existing bulletin board site. We created a complete Social Network system out of their existing members and allowed them to create the first Night Life Oriented Job search network in Boston.

eSoccer for Kids was created to allow a simple and efficient way for visitors to schedule and pay for soccer lessons in the local Boston area through a simple website interface.


Fuerzo had an existing site that needed a new gallery option for their newsletters, a faster background changing solution, and a mobile version of their site.